Monday, February 3, 2014

This Blog Has Moved

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED!!! Head on over to to catch up on all the latest news and fun extras from author Tera Lynn Childs.

So, you might notice that there hasn't been much activity on ye olde blog recently. Well, partly it's because I haven't been blogging much, but also it's because I've moved my blog to my website. My blog can now be found at:

And if you've subscribed via a feed reader, the new feed address is:

That is all.

Aka, end of blog.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Sweet Legacy Blog Blitz is Coming!

The release of Sweet Legacy, the third and final book in the Sweet Venom trilogy comes out in two short months. Eeeep. I mean,

To celebrate this awesome moment, I want to make a big splash across the interwebs. Enter the Sweet Legacy Blog Blitz. This is going to be a big, massive, one day only blog tour. Anyone and everyone with a blog can participate. All it takes is filling out the form below.

You get to pick what kind of special content you want to post on Blog Blitz day. You can choose between some types that I'll provide, or making your own post. Everyone will be on a big link list AND everyone will get to post the humongous Rafflecopter contest. I'll be giving away huge amounts of Sweet Venom books and other great prizes.

Blog Blitz hosts will get to enter a separate contest with an even better prize!

Signup is only open until July 15th, so fill out the form now.

*** the signup period is over ***

Thursday, June 13, 2013

FAQ–Did You Always Want to Be a Writer?

I'm working on the FAQ section of my new website, so I've been thinking a lot about the questions I get asked more often. I'll be answering them here on the blog in long form and then including a shorter version on the website. Expect more posts like this.

One of the most common questions writers gets asked is:

Did you always want to be a writer?

This question usually comes from aspiring writers who want to know if they're... one the right path. (Or, you know, the write path.) Was it a lifelong passion for reading and writing or some other series of chance events that led me to my career? In a long nutshell, here goes:

I never considered myself a reader. In school I was always math and science girl who wanted to be a marine biologist or a veterinarian. I hated language arts and blamed it on the fact that my first three years of school were in French. Now I know better. There were two reasons I shied away from reading and writing when I was in school.

One, because my English teachers ranged from unexceptional to ridiculously neurotic. In my junior year American Lit class, we never had one essay question on a test. They were all Scantron. How is that even possible?

Two, because the books I enjoyed reading (and now love writing) were the ones that "didn't count". I adored series like Nancy Drew and The Baby-Sitter's Club and Sweet Valley High and, well, according to teachers and other grown-ups, if it wasn't Lord of the Flies or The Red Badge of Courage or Billy Budd then it was a waste of words. Lesson to literary snobs: this is precisely how "children who hate reading" are born.

Fast forward to my freshman year of college. In my first semester literature class we read Pride & Prejudice. It changed my life. For the first time, I truly loved a book that was "important" enough to read for class–at Columbia, an Ivy League school, no less.

I looked at books differently after that.

Then, after college and a year off, I started in a Masters program at Columbia. My degree is in Historic Preservation and has nothing whatsoever to do with writing except this: during my thesis defense, one of my advisors said, "Tera, you're a very effective writer." Now, he was only saying that to soften the blow of wanting me to cut the first half of my thesis, but those words stayed with me.

After graduation, when I was back home and basically house-sitting for my parents, his words rattled around in my brain. During that time I also started reading romance novels. Obsessively. I would drive into town to the bookstore, bring home a huge stack, tear through them, and go back for more.

Somewhere along the way, I started wanting the characters to say/do things differently. Finally, between my renewed love of reading and the confidence my advisor's compliment gave me, I decided to try my hand at this writing thing.

So that's it. No childhood dreams of become a writing. No formal education in creative writing. In fact, I can only remember one creative writing project in my entire education career, and that was in my high school Biology II class. 

Funny aside: For that project, we had to make up a human genetic mutation. I wrote about how humans developed a membrane in their throats to be able to filter oxygen from water. The first step toward mermaid fiction for sure.

The short answer is no. I didn't always know I wanted to be a writer, but once I found writing I knew I never wanted to do anything else.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I'm Working On--Summer Edition

Summer is always a crazy time for me. I've been helping my mom get ready for the start of SILV, which is madness. Pure madness. Plus I've been trying to catch up on email and other stuff. Here's a general list of what I'm working on:
  • new website design
  • waiting for edits on GODDESS IN TIME
  • brainstorming PRETTY IN PEARLS
  • writing a new mythology-inspired YA proposal
  • brainstorming an epic MG idea
  • email, email, email
  • marketing plans
  • blogging plans
  • video plans (maybe)
And that's just the writing-related stuff! Is it any wonder that I'm *mumble-mumble* months behind on email?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where I've Been: RT

With almost no time to recover from TeenBookCon and TLA, I turned back around and headed to Kansas City for the RT Booklovers Convention. This trip made me think of this song:

The convention was held at the Sheraton Kansas City, which had this super cool sculptural thingy hanging above the lobby.

I was only in at RT for two days--in and out--but the very first thing I did was find my banner in the hall. So much Venom-y goodness.

While there, I got some fabulous prezzies from the darling Suzanne Lazear and her daughter.

I went to lunch with a bunch of amazing YA authors. (Colleen Houck, Colleen's sister, Cole Gibsen, Zoraida Cordova, and Justina Ireland are nearest me at the table.)

At the Avon Red Slipper Lounge, I signed a fortress of books...

...hung out with fab authors Karina Cooper and Teri Brown...

...and of course got some quality time with Sophie Jordan in our almost-matching dresses.

On Saturday, I survived an early breakfast (with Karina Cooper, *mwuah*), an almost-four-hour book signing, two back-to-back panels, and the awesome-but-exhausting Teen Day party! And guess what I got at the party? More ARCs! (I also got some actual real signed books from Josie Angelini, Amy Plum, and Jen Lynn Barnes.) So look forward to those giveaways.

While waiting in the lobby for my airport shuttle, one of the cover models gave me this CD of his music. Um...

Now I'm back home with no more writing-related travel for a while. Until July anyway. I think...