Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Ahead to 2013

Now that I finally posted my Looking Back at 2012 blog, I can start thinking ahead about 2013. I'm planning big things for this year. Big things.


First, while I'm waiting to hear back on a couple of other projects, I'm working on a couple of new YA proposals. Three, actually. They don't have much in common except for kick-butt girls, action and adventure, and (of course) romance.

I'm also planning to work on more books in the City Chicks series, starting with finishing up Cassie's story (Try It On) in the next month or so. Later this year I'll work on Fiona's story (Red Hot Riding Hood) and a holiday-themes story for Kit (Chris's sister from Straight Stalk).

Also on the list are some Oh. My. Gods. tie-in novellas, starring Nicole, Cesca, Nola, and Phoebe. The first one will be Goddess In Time and it will give you all the answers you ever wanted about Nicole. I'm planning to work on that one in February, so check the Works in Progress bar to the right and make sure I'm on track!

In writing-related business, I want to overhaul my website. I have a design in progress, but I'm not sure I love it. I also want to blog more, with more posts about writing, more bonus material, and more pictures from the real world.


After all the travel-related crazy of last year, I'm starting off slower this year. I'm not actually planning any travel until March, when I'll be heading to Milwaukee for USITT. In April I'll be in Houston for TeenBookCon and in Fort Worth for TLA. Then I'll be off to Kansas City in May for the RT Convention and Atlanta in July for RWA.

When I have the official release date for Sweet Legacy I'll make plans for a launch signing at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston. That should be the last of my writerly travel for the year.

Sadly we won't be making our annual summer bus trip to Los Angeles to see Cirque du Soleil's Iris because the show is closing this month. I will have to find other excuses to visit SoCal and eat at my favorite restaurant.

I would love to add some international travel this year. It's been too long since I left the country. Maybe we can make it to the PLASA show in London this October. Or maybe some other international recruitment for the summer program.

Then again, I would like to make it to one of my Top Five Must Visit places:
  • Buenos Aires
  • Cape Town
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Morocco

We'll have to see how the year and the finances and the schedules go. But if not this year, then the very next for sure. What I wouldn't give to have the ability to travel the world full time.... Must work on that.


Life has been pretty emotional in the last year. Between my dad's death and two big moves and some other personal issues, it's no wonder I've fallen off the vegan wagon. Often. Oh I haven't been eating meat or scrambled eggs, but there has been a lot of cheese. This year, with rare exceptions, I'm tightening the grip on my vegan diet. Besides, with the amazing new Daiya cheese blocks, how can I even miss the real thing?

On the other side of the health front, I'm getting started in yoga and joining the local Masters swim team. I'm planning to do each about three times per week to start. I could definitely use the mental decompress that comes with yoga and I miss the swimming pool. It'll be good to be training again.

That's pretty much the plan. Write a lot. Travel as much as possible.  And work on a healthy lifestyle.

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