Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Sweet Legacy (1)

It's Tuesday, there should be teasers! Right?

I know the release of Sweet Legacy is still soooo far away (I don't even have a release date yet) so I thought I'd start sharing some teaser lines and clips from the story to tide you over. Or, you know, rile you up.

Here's the first.

Chapter 1 ~ Grace

The monsters are waiting.

As Gretchen, Greer, and I tumble out of the swirling crazy of the portal we created to bring us here, we are immediately surrounded by mythological beasts. There must be two dozen, at least. All sizes, all shapes, all . . . textures. Many I recognize from Gretchen’s lost monster binders: a furry Calydonian boar with tusks three feet long, a pair of massive birds whose feathers look like arrowheads, and a double-headed serpent monster that I think is called an amphisbaena. Others I’ve never even imagined, like the giant white worm or the hyena-like one with no mouth that I can see. They are all standing in a semicircle around the open space where the portal dumped us into the bleak, black abyss that the monsters call home: Abyssos.

When Gretchen described this place, I thought she was exaggerating. I couldn’t believe it was as horrible as the picture she painted.

I was wrong.

Sweet Legacy (Medusa Girls, #3)