Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Giveaway: Avon Romance Collection

In honor of upcoming Valentine's Day, this week's giveaway is for a collection of signed romance novels from Avon, the romance imprint at HarperCollins, a fun Avon beach ball from the party at RWA last year. Here's the collection:

Lure of the Wicked by Karina Cooper

Hunger Untamed by Pamela Palmer

Ten Ways to be Adored When
Landing a Lord
by Sarah MacLean

Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks

Wicked in Your Arms by Sophie Jordan

The whole collection, with beach ball.

These are all awesome authors, by the way, and I mean as people and as authors.

(Reminder: These are adult romance novels, so they're a lot more... explicit than teen books. Even the teen books by some of the authors above. You've been warned.)

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